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Audiology is a great field of study and it doesn’t come as a surprise if you will find yourself interested in pursuing a career in this particular branch of healthcare. It is one of those career paths that will allow you to interact and be of assistance to other people, specifically those who have hearing and balance disorders. Just like any other profession in the healthcare field, working in audiology can certainly be both fulfilling and rewarding and the experience of having this particular job will definitely be worthwhile. If you are eyeing on taking on this career direction, then you are most likely curious about the selection of audiology jobs which you can pursue. Being the field that it is, audiology offers a number of occupation for those who are interested in being a part of this branch of science. Aside from being a certified audiologist, which requires a candidate to complete years of education, there are other jobs in audiology which have qualifications that are easier to meet. Some of the jobs that we are presenting in this list may not be purely an audiology career but in one way or another, they are similar or are very relevant to the field. What are several of these jobs? Check the following list for you to find out:

Hearing Aid Dispenser

These individuals who are also referred to as hearing aid specialists are tasked to do basic hearing tests. They can also sell and service products such as hearing aids and the like. To become one, there are a number of requirements and qualifications that vary by state. Once qualified for the position, candidates then receive license which will allow them to practice the occupation.

Speech-Language Pathologists (aka Speech Therapists)

These professionals focus on the diagnosis and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders of patients. These disorders are caused by a variety of reasons and speech-language pathologists play an important role in determining the treatment options and evaluate communication problems that patients are faced with. Most of these professionals work in schools and deal with patients of all ages.  To become a speech-language pathologist, at least a master’s degree is required. In addition, a license may be required depending on the state.

Newborn Hearing Screener

Working alongside audiologists, neonatal nurses and general practitioners, newborn hearing screeners work in various healthcare facilities. From the job title, it can be easily inferred that newborn hearing screeners are responsible in helping detect early signs of hearing loss in the life of an infant. These individuals identify which infants need to undergo further testing once a hearing loss has been found. Early intervention is important in these cases as hearing is a significant aspect when it comes to a young child’s development. Hence, it is important that newborn babies undergo hearing screening before they are sent home from a healthcare facility such as hospitals.

These are just several audiology jobs that will allow you to pursue a career path in the said field. Take note that aside from determination, dedication and passion are other factors that will help you succeed in your chosen career direction.

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